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Other Landscaping Products

Creating New Outdoor Spaces With Natural Rock

We’re involved in many different types of projects in the metroplex area, some include schools, churches, and city projects. Clear Fork Materials will continue to serve our customers to the best of their ability. Find all of the material you need to customize your space.

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Our Other Landscaping Materials Include

  • Expanded shale
  • Decomposed granite
  • Custom ballfield blends
  • Brick and concrete sand
  • Natural stone
  • Railroad ties
  • Landscaping rocks
  • Clay and gravel

Sample Coverage is as Follows

1 Cubic Yard = 108 Sq. Ft. @ 3″ Deep, 54 Sq. Ft. @ 6″ Deep, 27 Sq. Ft. @ 12″ Deep

Items Marked With * Are Taxable
Prices Subject to Change Without Notice (Revised August 2, 2016)
Products Price
Add’t Products
Fill (Clean) $7.00 per yard
Decomposed Granite $72.00 per yard
Red Ball Clay (Screened) $27.00 per yard
Red Ball Clay Mix (Screened)* $29.00 per yard
Railroad Ties* $20.00 per tie
Expanded Shale* $91.00 per yard
Natural Stone Products
(Note: Hand Selected Rock is List Price Plus 30%)
Building Stone $85.00 per ton
Millsap Moss Covered $140.00 per ton
Cut Stone* $160.00 per ton
Austin Cut Stone* $175.00 per ton
Flagstone* $165.00 per ton
Boulders $140.00 per ton