Grow a Healthier Garden or Lawn With Nutrient-Rich Topsoil

Choose the product that best suits your specific soil needs. Mix any soil products you may need for a small fee.

We're dedicated to working every day to bring the best of our products to your growing neighborhoods and businesses. Clear Fork Materials, Inc. offers quality material at residential and commercial pricing.

Our Topsoil Products Include

  • Custom soil blends
  • Bedding soil
  • Azalea mix
  • Bedding soil with lava sand
  • Enriched sandy topsoil
  • Organically enriched topsoil

Sample Coverage Is as follows

1 Cubic Yard = 108 Sq. Ft. @ 3" Deep, 54 Sq. Ft. @ 6" Deep, 27 Sq. Ft. @ 12" Deep

Items Marked with * Are Taxable
Product Price
Top Soil $8.50 per yard
Screened Topsoil $10.50 per yard
Screened Sandy Topsoil $19.00 per yard
Screened TCU Sandy Topsoil $23.00 per yard
Enriched Sandy Topsoil* $27.00 per yard
Organically Enriched Topsoil*
(25% Compost / 75% Screened Topsoil)" $22.00 per yard
Screened Bedding Soil*
(50% Compost / 50% Topsoil & Sand" $32.00 per yard
Screened Bedding Soil w/ Lava Sand* $39.00 per yard
Garden Mix* $40.00 per yard
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on topsoil.
Delivery is available on all items for a fee. $10.00 minimum charge on all bulk materials picked up.
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